The Hoppy Hour a creative way to make someone’s special day even more special. Who doesn’t love a big eared bunny. What about a Hoppy Hour for your bachelorette party. Does it get any better with bunnies and bottles of wine……? Want to relax with adorable bunny friends while on a date, with a friend, an office party or office picnic? Introducing the petting zoo for adult animal-lovers!..

We can accommodate small events and we even do large events around town. With us, the zoo comes to YOU and you do not have to go anywhere. If you think you have low space, then do not worry. We are very flexible and can set up almost anywhere,  in a backyard, inside an apartment or house, at outdoor bar (with their permission), at a Park, in an office building and many other locations! We bring waterproof tarp to set up under portable bunny pens to avoid any messes!

Each Package Includes:

A portable pen to hold bunnies.

A ​Tiny Hiney’s handler(s), hand sanitizer, and bunny lap mats for guests worried about their clothing!