Our Goal

Our goal is to provide a unique, enjoyable and unforgettable experience for you, your family and everyone involved and our MISSION is to ALWAYS attempt to rescue before we buy ANY animal for our farm. We will probably never have a bunch of exotic pets that some petting zoo’s have; Only because many of our rescues need continued extensive and expensive medical care. We try to bring awareness to the community regarding rescues and animals in need and we promise and strive everyday to achieve to give a happy life to animals that may have not started off with the best life originally.

Our Story

My name is Susan and my husband is Kevin. I am a former law enforcement officer (10 +years) and my husband is a retired firefighter/paramedic (20 years). We moved to Alabama a few years ago from Detroit, Michigan after Kevin got injured while on duty and left us no alternative but for him to retire early. My mother’s family was originally from Athens, Alabama and it was always my dream and goal that when I retired, I wanted to move to Alabama and have a farm of my own with many animals. I remember and cherish how I always loved to come visit and stay with my grandparents, as they lived on a small farm just outside of Athens.

I am so fortunate to have a supportive and loving husband that shared my dreams and vision and allowed my dreams to become a reality. So, even though I am not retired, we now have a small farm outside of Athens, just 3 miles down the road from where my grandparents once lived. Now that I have a mini farm, I genuinely love seeing the sparkle in kids’ eyes when they see the animal’s for the first time and watching them interact, pet and play with the critters. This brings true joy to my heart, as I see myself through those innocent child’s eyes. Our wonderful animals bring peace, love, and joy to all walks of life. We can’t wait to share our farm family with your family. Everyone from babies to seniors enjoy our animals and benefit from the unconditional love that they offer.

For those of you that hire Tiny Hiney’s Travelin’ Farm to bring our sweet animals to your party or event, we appreciate you. Tiny Hiney’s would not be successful without each and everyone of you. Our beloved animals and our family offer our most sincere thank you and appreciate your support! We strive to make your party or event the best that it can be!

Susan & Kevin

Meet the Team


Rescued Unicorn

Very sweet and gentle pony that stars in our unicorn parties. Recently recovering from surgery on both knees, but doing very well.


Miniature Donkey

Precocious baby miniature donkey that is learning very fast. Lots of personality! Stars in our Beverage Burro Events.



Homer LOVES children! He does wonderful around the little ones whether it is a fun pony ride or petting zoo.

Gabby Goo

Rescue Goat

Gabby Goo is our bottle baby forever, she loves everyone and loves to give and get goat cuddles & kisses.


Rescued Pot-Bellied Pig

Peppa is our house piggy, She is completely housebroken, she loves snacks & to sleep in bed with mommy & daddy.

A few more of our farm family members