You might be wondering what a Beer Burro (Donkey) or Tequila Donkey is. Well, a Beer Burro is  a cute miniature Burro (mostly commonly known as a donkey) with a saddlebag full of bottled beer (You/host provide).  Beer Burros serve the purpose of a waitress or waiter and serves beer, wine, soft drink or any other form of beverage you decide to provide at your special event.   

Similar to the Beer Burro, our Tequila Donkey serves the guests Tequila shots (Tequila is provided by you/host), complete with limes and salt, that are stored in special compartments in the donkey’s custom saddlebag.

Outfitted with colorful custom cooler bags, every Beer Burro and Tequila Donkey is accompanied by the donkey’s handler. Our sweet Burro(s) will be a welcoming sight to your guests and will be dressed* according to the occasion, they can be coordinated to match your colors or theme.  Our donkeys go everywhere – hotels, restaurants, catering  halls you name it, you just need to get approval prior to reserving, if we need to place a phone call we would be more than happy to assist if you provide us with a contact phone number, name & Email. Don’t worry about a mess, they rarely create a concern, but just in case they can be outfitted with a tactful donkey diaper (bun-bag) for any event.

Perfect for ANY sort of occasion, including a rehearsal dinner or a cocktail hour. They are a great way to spice up any business event, restaurants, bars, resorts, private parties, holiday parties, wedding, western themes or Cinco De Mayo celebrations. They can also be used for children’s birthday parties with the alcoholic beverage being replaced by soft drinks or juices. They don’t just serve drinks! Our Donkeys have been used as unique transportation, to distribute wedding goodies in their saddle bags, or just to provide ambiance and photo opportunities. They are exciting and fun way to make your occasion more memorable.

Our gentle donkeys love attention and are a unique touch to any event. Our baby donkey is a sure to win everyone over, she is still “in training” but is taking to training very well and cute as a button at 26″ high. She is sure to be the one party guest you’ll be glad you invited. They are masters of lightening the burden of socializing. Your guests can hug these long-eared furry friends and take numerous priceless pictures with them to create unique memories of a lifetime.   

With a Beer Burro or Tequila Donkey at your event, you can guarantee you that your guest will enjoy the experience and will be talking about it for years to come. Contact us today to make your event one-of-a-kind and pack a cute donkey with a load of Coronas or Tequila to get your party started! Our donkey(s) are cleaned and groomed prior to your event where they are looking there absolute best!