You might be wondering what a Beer Burro is. Well, a Beer Burro is a cute miniature donkey that we have outfitted with custom leather saddlebag coolers, that will serve your choice of beverage (You/host provide) at your event.  Beer Burros serve the purpose of a waiter or waitress & serves beer, wine, soft drinks or any combination of beverages that you will be providing at your event.  Although Beer burros are perfect for ANY occasion, they are a unique way to greet & serve your guests chilled beverages during the cocktail hour at your wedding or even during your rehearsal dinner.

Our gentle donkeys love attention & along with their quirky personalities, they are a unique touch to any event. They are the cutest walking selfie station that you could provide your guests & are sure to be the one-party guest that you’ll be glad you invited. Animals are masters of lightening the burden of socializing & are known to reduce anxiety in people during times of stress & in crowded settings. Your guests can hug these long-eared furry friends, unwind and take numerous priceless pictures with them to create unique memories that will last a lifetime.   

Our little donkeys don’t just serve drinks, they have been used as unique way to distribute wedding flowers, give goodie bags to your guests, bubbles, favors, etc.


The cute little burro(s) will arrive to your event 30 minutes prior to the designated start time. The miniature donkey(s) will be accompanied by the donkey’s handler(s) at all times. The handler(s) are more than happy to answer questions & assist your guests with photos. Don’t worry, even though we are farmers, we will not arrive to your special event wearing overalls. For your special day, our staff will be wearing a professional dress shirt (clearly identified with our business logo) and dress pants or khaki shorts (during times of extreme heat). Our sweet Burro(s) will be meticulously groomed & dressed* according to the occasion. They can be coordinated to match your colors or theme.  Our donkeys go anywhere & everywhere. We just request that you seek your venue’s approval prior to reserving our services. If we need to place a phone call & provide the venue with our certificate of insurance, we would be more than happy to do so. Please just provide us with a contact person.


Don’t worry about a mess, they rarely create an oopsie, but just in case, they can be outfitted with a tactful donkey diaper (bun-bag) for any event, upon request. For outside events if an oopsie were to occur & the bun bag is not being utilized, no worries, the handler will immediately clean it up.


Beverage burros are a great way to spice up a corporate event. Promotional gifts, snacks, candy & even flyers can be carried in the burros’ saddle bags & handed out to the public at a company event or expo. These little burros are an exciting & fun way to make your business stand out. Are you wanting to get more traffic over to your booth at an expo or festival? A cute little burro will do the trick while providing entertainment for everyone. We also do holiday parties, birthdays, anniversaries, private parties, patio bars, retirements, western themed events and even Cinco De Mayo celebrations. The options are limitless.

Text us today 256-998-8439 to check date availability & request a quote. Let’s pack a cute little donkey with a cooler full of Coronas & let your celebration begin!

We also offer a white beverage pony & even a mystical unicorn for weddings and other special occasions. We are happy to send pictures of her past events.

We are USDA Licensed & Fully Insured.