Barnyard Friends Petting Zoo


$150 each additional hour/ $95 for additional 1/2 hour

Travel fee applies* 

Our wonderful petting zoo animals! You can pet and love these adorable critters for one hour! A mini horse, a mini donkey or mini cow, miniature goats, mini pig, tortoise, chickens and a bunny or two!

**More than 15 children attending event & additional fee applies (TBA)**

Exotic Pet Kangaroo

*Add an exotic pet kangaroo to your petting zoo package experience for an additional $100

The exotic pet kangaroo package will include a bucket of petting zoo feed.

The Ultimate Barnyard Petting Zoo Party

$500 for 2 hours

*Travel fee applies

Includes everything listed in the Barnyard Friends Petting Zoo (No pony rides), the ultimate package will include:

  • Kangaroo
  • Kangaroo food
  • Bucket of petting zoo food for the kids to feed the animals.
  • Children’s music
  • Bubble Machine
  • Fun-Filled Outdoor party games (3-4 Games), games will not be attended by staff

**More than 15 children attending event & additional fee applies (TBA)**

Pony Rides can be added to the Ultimate Barnyard Petting Zoo party for an additional $200.

Best Party Ever Combo


$225 each additional hour/ $135 for 1/2 hour

Travel fee applies *

This party includes the petting zoo & one pony for one hour of pony rides (minimum of 3 years old to ride), and several miniature farm animals! Mini horse to ride, an alpaca, mini donkey or mini cow, miniature goats, mini pig, tortoise, chickens and a bunny or 2….and we usually try to throw an oddball animal or two in there!

**More than 15 children attending event & additional fee applies (TBA)**

Summer hours for parties are limited to two time slots due to the extreme heat we experience in our summer months (May 15th-September 30th). We are offering a morning party that will start at 11am (or before) or an early evening party that will begin at 5:30pm (or after). Again, our animal’s safety & welfare is of our utmost priority and with the extreme heat that Alabama has, we have decided that it is in the best interest of our animals for them not to sit in the trailer for 90 minutes (during our set -up and take down period) during the hottest period of the day. If we have an extreme heat wave and if we have a heat advisory in effect on the date of your event (e.g. heat index over 100 for several days w/o relief)), we unfortunately might have to cancel for everyone’s health and safety including the animals that are being transported. You will be given the option to reschedule within the next 12 calendar months as long as that requested date is available. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause but our promise will always be to never put money over the welfare & safety of our farm animals. **Festivals & Cooperate events please call us to discuss options.

These animals are OUR children and although we love entertaining families and sharing our farm family with yours, we hope everyone can understand that OUR children and YOUR childrens’ welfare is our top priority and no money is worth putting their health at risk.