How do I know if a date is available?

We will be happy to check our calendar for you. Just give us a call or text at 256-998-8439 (Susan) or 256-998-8435 (Kevin).

How do I confirm & secure the date I want?

After you have spoke with us and confirmed the date you want is available, a $75.00 non-refundable deposit must be paid to reserve your chosen date. Your date will NOT be held until your deposit has been received. If you need a couple days to think about using our services, you MUST call us back before sending in your deposit, to verify that someone else has not reserved the day you were originally interested in during that time period. Once your Deposit has been made, you will receive a confirmation and invoice via your email within 72 hours. If you do not receive an email within that time frame, please contact us at (256) 998-8439 where we can verify the information we have on file.

How do I make a deposit & pay for my event?

The $75.00 non-refundable deposit can be paid through our website (Deposit page) ONLY after you have spoke with us.  You must pay the balance due in full upon our arrival to your event and prior to the animals and corrals being set up. We accept credit and/or debit cards or If you would like to pay cash on the day of the zoo/rides, please let us know in advance. We DO NOT accept checks. We frequently get asked if we accept gratuity/tips and the answer is yes. Although it is NEVER expected and it will NEVER be requested, it is of course, always appreciated.


Cancellations, for local parties (within 60 miles), due to weather only* are permitted as long as they are done at least 12 hours before the party is scheduled to start. Cancellations, for non-local parties, due to weather must be done 36 hours before party start time. If the party is not cancelled with advance notice and with in the listed time frame, the remaining balance will be due in full, whether the event is held or not and will not be re-scheduled.

Inclement Weather?

For your safety and the safety of our wonderful pets, we will not come if the weather is dangerous such as thunderstorms, tornado warnings, snow, sleet, ice, and including extreme heat.  We will give you the opportunity to reschedule to another open date and we will apply your deposit to the new date.  Event must be within the next calendar year (12 months). If it begins to rain after the party begins, the party will continue as planned or until Tiny Hiney’s Travelin’ Farm staff calls it off due to the unforeseen inclement weather conditions. No refunds or partial refunds will be given due to weather.

What is needed for the safety of the animals?

We will setup a small corral for the horses, donkey and/or Zebu.  For the smaller animals we will setup a small corral or table where the kids can come in and pet and handle the animals. Children will be limited to 4-5 children inside the petting pen at one time. **Festivals will not include a pen for the kids to enter and handle the animals.
Animals love grass, if you have grass available for them they would LOVE a few blades of it.  However, please make sure the grass has not been treated with any pesticides 48 hours before the farm animals arrive.
Please do not allow the kids to scream or run around the animals.  We request no piñatas or balloons near the animals. This will cause the animals to be afraid.

During the HOT southern summers, we would like to be in a shady area if one is available. We will limit out party times during the summer months (May-September) and you will have your choice of either 10am or 6pm as a start time, this is for the safety & welfare of the animals as the weather tends to be a little cooler during the hot summer months. We would appreciate if we could have access to an outside electrical outlet for fans (if needed). **Festivals & Cooperate events please call us & we will be happy to discuss options available for your event. If we have an extreme heat wave (eg. heat index over 100 for several days w/o relief)), we unfortunately might have to cancel the riding pony for their health and safety. These animals are OUR children and although we love entertaining families and sharing our farm family with yours, we hope everyone can understand that OUR children and YOUR childrens’ welfare is our top priority and no money is worth putting their health at risk.

We ask that dogs be kept away from the animals and not in the same vicinity as the zoo. While these animals love our dogs, they will not be comfortable with dogs they are not familiar with due to them being prey animals.
We do allow the kids to pet the animals with the handlers.  Please make sure that all animals are treated respectfully and gently by all kids.  We understand that the kids will be excited but they must also respect the animals.

Setup Time & Clean Up?

We require 60 minutes to setup for the petting zoo and 90 minutes to setup for the combo.  You are not charged for setup time.  Your time starts once we are setup and we tell you that we are ready.
We provide hand sanitizer at each event.

These are live animals so of course they will have accidents.  We provide clean up after we are finished. Some of the “raisinets” dropped by the goats and rabbits are too small for us to get every last one. We will do our best, but remember that is “natural fertilizer” for your lawn and we promise not to charge extra for that. Please note that our piggies like to root in the yard, some yards more than others, especially if you have grubs. It will not cause permanent damage but If that poses a problem, please let us know in advance and we will let our pig have the day off and she can stay home.