Are you looking for a way to make your next event a hit? Have you ever considered hiring a mobile party petting zoo? Trousdale Acres Tiny Hiney’s Travelin’ Farm offers a way to take your next event up a notch. No matter what age your partygoers are, they will love our mobile petting zoo for parties from Athens, AL. Get in touch today to talk about availability. 

Why Hire a Petting Zoo for Your Next Party?

There are many ways to make a party special. You could rent a bouncy house or buy a chocolate fountain. But one way to really make your event stand out above the rest is to bring animals for the partygoers to see. Our mobile petting zoo provides an experience that most events don’t offer. 

What Makes Our Petting Zoo Special?

Not everyone has the chance to spend time with animals, especially up close. At Trousdale Acres Tiny Hiney’s Travelin’ Farm, you can see and pet our miniature animals including a horse, donkey, cow, goats, and pig. We also have a tortoise, chickens, and a couple of bunnies. We rarely have exotic pets because those animals require special care. However, we do have a kangaroo that you can feed. 

What makes our petting zoo special is that we come to you. We are completely mobile, so you don’t have to worry about corralling children around a zoo. You get to feel comfortable in your space, and we bring the fun to you. 

How Do We Keep Our Animals Safe?

Understandably, some people worry about the safety of our animals. With our mobile petting zoo, we set rules that everyone who hires us must follow. Our pony rides have a weight limit. Our animals always have an attendant to ensure the safety of both partygoers and the animals. We also have a limit on how many children can attend our events so our animals don’t get nervous or overwhelmed. 

Contact us today to talk about what party package works best for your event.